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1910E Forwarders

The John Deere 1910E Forwarder offers the ultimate choice for forwarding large loads rapidly over long distances. The 1910E is unbeatable in all heavy-duty applications and difficult conditions.

The 1910E improves on its 1710D Predecessor with over two additional tonnes of load capacity, 26 kW (35 SAE hp) more power, 40 cm3 of increased work pump size, and 20 kN more tractive force. These upgrades make the 1910E, available in both six- and eight-wheel-drive versions, the most productive forwarder on the market.

Key Features

  • Rotating and levelling, or fixed cabin options
  • Tier 3/EU stage IIIA
  • Good visibility to the load space


When you work in remote areas, downtime is never an option. Equipped with forest-tough bogie axles, V-groove axle mounts, frames, and middle joints, John Deere forwarders deliver exceptional uptime throughout the life of the machine. Service is simple and quick. Simply push a button to tilt up the redesigned engine hood for wide-open service access. And if needed, the operator station can be tilted in minutes, for immediate access to components. Other uptime-boosting features include fl at-bunk mounts, self-cleaning engine air filter, hydraulic fan, and extended service intervals. When you know how they’re built, you’ll run a Deere

Cab Comforts

Maximum productivity revolves around keeping your operator safe and comfortable. And inside the spacious, quiet cab, your operators will have everything they need to do their level best. The rotating and smooth-levelling cab turns 290 degrees, providing 360-degree visibility of the surroundings and boom movements — for safe, efficient log loading. Inside the cab, operators will discover a host of other fatigue-beating enhancements. Like comfortable, ergonomic armrests and ample storage. A remote-control door opener and approach light. And an optional food heater/cooler. From their fully adjustable air-cushioned seat to the automated climate-control system, the E-Series Forwarders ensure operators stay comfortably productive.




Load Rating:  19,000 kg
Net Rated Power: 186 kW (1900 rpm)
Load Rating: 5.3 / 6.5 m², VLS 5.2 - 6.3 m²
Boom:  John Deere CF7 or CF8
Weight W/ Fixed Cab:  18,790 kg (6W), 21,530 kg (8W)
Tractive Force:  220 kN 

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