John Deere Graders

John Deere Grader

John Deere 772G/GP Six-Wheel Drive

Armed with input from the people who run them, we set out to design the ideal operating system for our next-generation graders. You talked, we listened, and that’s why we offer a choice. With high/wide-back and heated lower cushion, the 772GP Grader’s air-suspension seat provides exceptional daylong comfort. Automated cross-slope simplifies holding a consistent slope by reducing operation to a single lever. 

It’s a Grade Pro exclusive that helps veteran operators be their best and inexperienced operators get up-to-speed more quickly. If your work doesn’t require an automated grade-control system, choose a 772G. Conventional mechanical levers are positioned in the industry-accepted pattern on both sides of the steering wheel and deliver precise, predictable, low-effort control.


  Operating Weight:       19,604 kg
  Power Net:     201 kW
  Net Peak Torque:     1,300 Nm
  Blade Pull:       22,453 kg