John Deere Graders

John Deere Grader

John Deere 870G/GP

One of the newest addition to the John Deere G-Series motor grader line, the 620G/GP uses a Tier 4-Final John Deere 6.8-liter engine, rated at 215 horsepower and designed for municipalities and contractors preferring lighter, more fuel-efficient machines. Dual-joystick configuration is an option for all Grade Pro (GP) models, as are ripper-stow automation, courtesy lighting, and an updated high-resolution rearview monitor.        
(Control choices also include conventional mechanical levers and GP “fingertip” levers; all control configurations include the steering wheel.) Operating weights are 40,350 pounds.


  Operating Weight:        19,558 kg
  Power Net:     201 kW
  Net Peak Torque:     1,329 Nm
  Blade Pull:       15,501 kg