John Deere Graders

John Deere Grader

John Deere 872G/GP Six-Wheel Drive

Offering one-of-a-kind advantages and unequalled options, our 872G Motor Grader lets you decide how the work gets done. Choose a full-featured Grade Pro (GP) model with state-of-the-art fingertip armrest controls. Or opt for conventional lever-operated machines. In tandem- or six-wheel-drive configurations.  Loaded for bear, or barely loaded, this brawny blade comes standard-equipped with heavy-duty durability and uptime-boosting features including a fuel-efficient nine-liter PowerTech™ diesel, easy-access filter bank, and simple-to-clean swing-out coolers. That’s only the beginning.


  Operating Weight:       20,443 kg
  Power Net:     209 kW
  Net Peak Torque:     1,329 Nm
  Blade Pull:       22,453 kg