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John Deere 648L-II Log Skidder

Faster maintenance will keep you up and running. The 648L Grapple Skidder makes service quick and easy with large panels for wide-open access to the engine and cab tilts to provide a quick route to other components. The efficient Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) keeps engine speed constant to reduce fuel consumption, while auto-idle extends component life. With the hydraulic reversing fan and extended filter-change interval and the 648L keeps your working longer.     

  Operating Weight:        19,054 kg    
  Boom Size:     2.6 m
  Grapple Size:     13.3 sq. ft
  Grapple Opening:       3,226 mm
  Power Net:     157 kW @ 1,800 rpm   
  Transmission Type:     CVT
  Maximum Travel Speed:       24.7 km/h
  Overall Width:     3,680 mm