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John Deere 948L-II Log Skidder

In the forest, Uptime is the name of the game. And the 948L Grapple Skidder is not interested in playing nice. Its beefier roller-bearing articulation joint provided longer life.

The standard Outboard-Extreme axles are the biggest, most rugged axle in the woods. Add in a durable drivetrain, tougher grapples, and a simplified electrical system, and you have a machine that is all business. 

  Operating Weight:        22,484 kg    
  Boom Size:     3.0
  Grapple Size:     19.1
  Grapple Opening:       3,785
  Power Net:     2 kW @ 1,800 rpm   
  Transmission Type:     CVT
  Maximum Travel Speed:       25.0 km/h
  Overall Width:     3,750 mm