McCloskey Crushers

C3/C3R Cone Crusher

Continuing with the McCloskey focus on quality components, durability and reliability, the C3 Cone Crusher adds to McCloskey’s reputation for proven performance with its 300hp cone and a 440 HP - 510 HP power unit. Offering high material capacity and throughput, large stockpile capacity, and customer focused features, the C3 Cone Crusher puts McCloskey to the fore of mobile crushing plants and pushes the boundaries of industry performance.

The C3 provides a high degree of control over the final product, making it the ideal portable secondary crusher.

The McCloskey C3R recirculating cone crusher combines the productivity of the 44″ cone with the versatility of a full screening and recirculating system, allowing operators to produce a high quality crushed and screened final product with one machine. 

The C3R cone crusher distinguishes itself with full level features like load and material level monitoring, fully hydraulic push button CSS adjust and full hydraulic relief system.



  Engine:     440 hp (328 kW) or 510 hp (380 kW)
  Feed Opening:    1050mm (41")
  Feeder Belt Width:    1200mm (48")
  Hopper Volume:      6.2m3 (8.1yd3)
  Crusher Drive:    Direct Drive
  CSS Adjustment:     Hydraulic
  Transport Height:    3.6m (11’ - 9.7”)
  Transport Length:    C3: 17.5m (57’ - 4”)   C3R: 20.65m (67’ - 9”) 
  Transport Width:    C3: 3.15m (10’ - 4”)   C3R: 3.6m (12’ - 7”) 
  Weight:    C3: 49,000kg             C3R: 48,430kg
  Stockpile Height - Main Conveyor:    3887mm (12' - 9")
  Main Conveyor Belt Width:    1200mm (48")