McCloskey Screeners


The McCloskey R155 High Energy Screener is a tough, robust screening tool designed to cope with the heaviest of applications. With the ability to handle some of the worst, untreated construction and demolition waste, the R155 can minimize material pre-handling and provide clean end products. The R155 has proven to be extremely effective across a wide range of applications. With a screening area of 155 ft² across the High Energy Screenbox – the largest in its class – the R155 has impressed operators across applications like site reclamation, construction and demolition waste, working with difficult materials such as heavy rock, sticky clay and fines, and boulder clay. 
**See the R155 feature sheet for our new Dual Power option**


  Engine:     130 hp (98 kW)
  Screenbox Top Deck:    4880mm (16') x 1525mm (5')
  Screenbox Bottom Deck:    4575mm (15') x 1525mm (5')
  Feed Conveyor Belt Width:    1400mm (55")
  Stockpile Height Tail Conveyor:    2770mm (9' - 1") - 3750mm (12' - 3")
  Stockpile Height Fine Product Side Conveyor:    3470mm (11' - 5") - 3960mm (13')
  Stockpile Height Mid product Side Conveyor    2510mm (8' - 3") - 3600mm (11' - 10")