McCloskey Screeners


The McCloskey R70 screener delivers the versatile, heavy-duty configuration that is expected of the R-Series, but can be transported easily and economically. The R70 is a perfect fit for contractors that require the ability to tackle large numbers of smaller heavy-duty construction, demolition, and remediation projects. The R70 mobile screener is built with the durability and screening performance that McCloskey International has built its reputation on, using high-quality components and the innovative McCloskey High Energy Screenbox.


  Engine:     130 HP (98kw) Diesel
  Screenbox Top Deck:    2800mm (9') x 1220mm (4')
  Screenbox Bottom Deck:    2592mm (8.5') x 1220mm (4')
  Feed Conveyor Belt Width:    1200mm (48")
  Stockpile Height Tail Conveyor:    3380mm (11' - 1")
  Stockpile Height Fine Product Side Conveyor:    3560mm (11' - 8")
  Stockpile Height Mid Product Side Conveyor:    3560mm (11' - 8")