McCloskey Stackers

Tracked Stackers

The McCloskey ST TRACKED Stackers are all about efficiency, from its speedy setup time to its high degree of mobility, downtime is minimized while throughput and stockpile capacity are maximized. Hydraulic main lift and top fold are standard, as is the diesel power unit. Electric and dual power are also available to get the job done, no matter what application. The 22.5 degree maximum conveyor angle allows for the highest stockpiles per conveyor length in the industry. With its durable truss frame, large feed hopper and base production capacity of 500 TPH with optional upgrades to 800 TPH, the McCloskey ST TRACKED Stackers stand up well above the competition.  New to the options for the ST100T stacker is a LIFT AXLE, which allows the conveyor to switch 
from track mode to radial mode in seconds. Mounted in front of the track bogie, the lift axle comes with internal wheel drive motors for radial travel. The tires feature aggressive-tread patterns for more traction in tough terrain. The lift axle is available on heavy-duty stacking conveyors, SDX Telescopic Conveyors and tracked stackers.


      ST80T   ST100T
  Engine:      49HP (36.5kw)    90 HP (67kw)
  Belt Length:     80' (24.38m)   100' (30.48m)
  Belt Width:     36" (900mm)   36" (900mm)
  Stockpile Height:     31' 1" (9.47m)   41' 3" (12.5m)
  Stockpile Capacity:     2035 yds3 (1556m3)      5030 yds3 (3850m3)   
  Production:     500 - 800 TPH     500 - 800 TPH