McCloskey Trommels

516 AT

The versatile 516AT features a side conveyor  to allow producers to stockpile more high quality materials. McCloskey International offers a wide range of drum designs and screen sizes to improve quality and meet high demand. Material such as topsoil, compost, sand and gravel, and wood chip spend more time in the sixteen foot drum for better screening results. The screen sections allow for flexibility in sizing to maximize productivity, while the hydraulically folding end conveyor allows oversize material to be effectively stockpiled. The smaller transport dimensions allow for greater mobility from site to site.


  Engine:     100 HP (75kw) Diesel
  Drum Size:    1520mm (5') x 4880mm (16')
  Screening Area:    17.7m2 (190ft2)
  Hopper Capacity:    4.97m3 (6.5yd3)
  Fine Conveyor Belt Width:    1200mm (48")