McCloskey Trommels

621 RE

With over thirty years of experience, McCloskey International is the world’s leading trommel manufacturer and has pioneered trommel design and innovation. Over this time, the 621 Trommel has established a proven reliability in construction and demolition, topsoil, compost, waste recycling, and many other large screening applications. With a 174 HP engine, accessible engine bay, and high efficiency diesel hydraulic system the 621 is sure to deliver the maximum operating time. Available as a wheeled mobile unit or hydraulic raise/lower track bogie system and with numerous custom options offered to meet each customer’s unique requirements.


  Engine:      174 HP (130 kw) Diesel  
  Drum Size:     1830mm (6') x 6400mm (21') 
  Screening Area:     27.5m2 (296 ft2)
  Hopper Capacity:     5m3 (6.5yd3)
  Fines Conveyor Belt Width:     1050mm (42")
  Radial Stockpile Height:     5110mm (16'-9")
  Radial Conveyor Belt:     1050mm (42")