CablePrice equipment technicians go head to head in the Hitachi Top Tech challenge

Posted on: Monday, 8 May 2017

The 9th edition of Hitachi Top Technician took place during the first 3 months of 2017. Technicians from all around CablePrice’s network entered the initial qualifying rounds, to gain qualification to the National Final and earn the right to represent CablePrice at the Asia Pacific Final later in the year. 

Jason Brashier of Silverdale, Sam Reese of Greymouth and Kieran Lyon of Nelson topped the field and qualified for the final that was held in the Product Distribution Centre in Auckland on April 6th. 

The first challenge of the day for the technicians was the theory section, which consisted of 75 questions that had to be answered without the use of any aids such as workshop manuals. Once this was completed, an excavator wiring diagram awaited - a complete circuit had to be traced without any errors.  

Up next was the practical assessment.  This element is setup as though the technicians have been called to repair a customer’s excavator. There are faults that are preventing the correct operation and a few hidden faults that, if left, will cause our owner issues in the future. The challenge with this section is that the excavators are no more than 10 meters apart and each of the finalists cannot only hear how the other finalists are going but see their progress. All of the finalists are marked on their ability to adhere to Health & Safety requirements, which could be as simple as maintaining three points of contact when climbing onto and off the excavator, sounding the horn when starting the engine etc.  

Once again, 75 minutes was allocated and for the first time since the competition began, one of the finalists completed all of the major faults. This is no doubt due to the amount of Technical Training our technicians receive while employed with CablePrice.  

Once the first two elements were completed, each finalist had 20 minutes to complete their job report before being presented to a panel of judges.  

From left: Jason Brashier of Silverdale, Sam Reese of Greymouth and Kieran Lyon of Nelson, carrying out the practical assessment
After all of the points were tallied, Jason Brashier from the Silverdale branch emerged as the winner of the National competition and will now go on to compete at the regional competition, hosted in Singapore later this year.  “There must be something in the water in the Silverdale area, as over the years there have been two technicians who previously won the Asia Pacific final and gone on to represent CPL and the World Final. Luke Larsen, now the Team Leader of Silverdale was one of these technicians and he won the World Final in 2014” says National Equipment Training Manager Darren O’Connor. 

Congratulations Jason, the CablePrice team eagerly anticipate the regional final!