The Scania Top Team NZ Champions have been found!

Posted on: Friday, 13 October 2017

Saturday the 23rd September marked an important occasion for 20 CablePrice Scania workshop technicians.  In addition to exercising their right to vote, the New Zealand final of the Scania Top Team competition was held at Wellington’s Head Office. The final was contested by four teams from the CablePrice branch network; Whangarei (All Torque All Noise), Auckland (Colonials), Palmerston North (Black Spanners) and Christchurch (The Natives).

The teams, made up of five people, went head to head over five work stations, where 20 minutes was allocated to complete each task.  The stations included theory, transmission, engine, rear axle, and bodywork electrics (BWE), and each included a research component to determine the correct parts required for the job.  Not all station tasks were set up on a vehicle, an example being the BWE station which was set up on a state-of-the-art BWE system training board.  Each task also needed to follow Scania work procedure, with marks awarded for using the correct process and use of service tools, to solve each task.  

Competing teams did not know what each station consisted of, or the order they would see each station, and it was immediately clear that team work, organisation, and communication were the key to achieving a good score.  But as pressure mounted throughout the afternoon, the mentally draining nature of the task stations started to show on the faces of the competing teams.   

The climax of the day could not have been better scripted, with defending champion Christchurch and Whangarei level on points, each having completed four stations. It all hinged on the last station, Whangarei taking on the BWE station, Christchurch taking on the transmission station.  Christchurch were tough competition but Whangarei held their nerve and delivered the winning blow, beating Christchurch 162 points to 153.  

The Top Team event concluded with an awards dinner, attended by all the competitors, judges and support staff.  Colin Bowden, General Manager of After Sales presented the awards to the teams, and was clearly impressed by the levels of Scania knowledge and skills displayed during the competition. During his presentation speech, Colin acknowledged the benefits of Scania Top Team in upskilling CablePrice workshop technicians, resulting in a higher level of service provided to our Scania customers.  Having secured the top spot, the Whangarei boys will travel to South East Asia next year to compete in the Regional Final.  Let’s hope the winning streak continues!