BELL Equipment’s E-Series has evolved.

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 August 2016

BELL Equipment’s E-Series has evolved.This latest addition to the Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) line-up is the B60E, the next generation – a 4x4 with full articulation steering and oscillation joint, which keeps all four wheels on the ground and fully utilises the traction available, giving it more off-road capability than any other conventional rigid truck.

CablePrice say the B60E is ideally suited for bulk earthworks, quarries and mines that experience conditions that rigid dump trucks cannot safely cope with. Rain and excess water can greatly affect traction and whilst many rigid trucks do not have the capability to cope in these conditions, the B60E, with its all-wheel traction, can continue to work safely with no loss in production. Additionally, less ground maintenance at the load and dump sites, traditionally required to prevent rigid trucks from getting stuck, will save both time and money.  

The nominal payload of the B60E is rated at 55 metric tonnes. Far larger than a conventional ADT bin, the flat-bottomed 35m³ body resembles a rigid truck bin in its dimensions and geometry, which makes it fully compatible with existing loading equipment in mines and quarries.  

Powered by the latest Mercedes Benz engine, the B60E continues the Bell tradition of offering the lowest cost per tonne machines on the market, with an economical drivetrain that delivers significantly lower fuel consumption than a traditional rigid truck.  

Alongside the B60E, CablePrice also offer the B25E, B30E, B40E and B50E models. The next generation in ADT design and technology, the E-Series presents an evolution that builds upon the proven legacy of the successful D-series, in order to deliver increased production payloads, lower daily operating costs, superior ride quality and uncompromised safety standards.  

CablePrice says the Bell machines are factory fitted with items that other manufacturers typically include only as optional extras, such as reversing camera and reverse radar detection system, embedded payload system and keyless start with lock-out codes for added security.