Jason Brashier is off to the Hitachi Top Tech World Final!

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 August 2017

In late July this year, Jason Brashier from the Silverdale branch flew to Singapore to compete in the Hitachi Top Tech Asia Pacific final. 2017 marks the tenth year for the competition, in which CablePrice has won 4 times over the past 9 years.  

First up on day one was the practical section, in which Jason and competing technicians from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, were presented with a ZX200-5G excavator that had 3 known faults and one hidden problem.  With 90 minutes to complete the tasks, and in the sweltering 34° heat, the pressure was on. Jason managed to keep his cool though, and when time was up, he had completed the practical and had his machine running and operating as it should. 

Day two consisted of theory and reporting elements. The theory section included 38 multiple choice questions followed by a series of questions involving a hydraulic schematic. Jason was happy with how this section had gone, and it was now out of his hands as the reporting section was not scored (however in the World Final it is!). Jason’s report must have been right on the money as there were no questions from the panel of judges and they seemed impressed with the answers he gave and the processes he used during the practical element. 

Later that evening, all the competing technicians (and their entourage) attended an awards dinner, where the Asia Pacific champion was to be announced.  Nerve-racking as it was, the suspense was worth it when Jason was crowned the champion, having scored the most points in the competition.  CablePrice last won the regional championship title in 2014, with Jason being the third technician from the Silverdale branch that has made it to the world final. Jason will now go on to represent CPL at the World Final in October, which will be hosted at The Technical Training Centre in Tsuchiura, Japan. Congratulations Jason, may the winning streak continue!