Hitachi Medium Excavator

Hitachi Equipment Attachments

Hitachi Equipment Attachments

Hitachi offer a wide variety of application products and attachments with proven controllability and versatility to suit varied job requirements. For small and medium-sized hydraulic excavators, making a selection of the right product for the right use will increase job efficiency and productivity.

Whether it's demolition, port loading, scrapping, logging, or any other kind of specialized operation, Hitachi have the appropriate type of machine and/or attachments to get the job done. In order to create reliable modified machines and/or attachments, you need engineering that is based on actual experience. You can depend on Hitachi because they have responded to the specialized requests of customers for over 20 years, continuously creating new types of reliable machines and attachments.

Here are just a few of Hitachi's modified machines and attachments for specialized use:

Hitachi Long-reach Demolition Front
At 50 metres from base to attachment the world's highest demolition machine features a light, incredibly long arm, and a high-tech monitoring system that keeps the camera focused on the end of the arm.
Hitachi Clamshell Telescopic Arm with Clamshell Bucket
A unique digging machine used mainly for subway construction. "Snatches" loads from the bottom of ditches, using a method that is safer and more productive than other kinds of excavators.
Hitachi Amphibious Soft Terrain Excavator

Hitachi Amphibious Soft Terrain Excavator Equipment Attachment

Excavator with large floating-capacity undercarriage for effective work on soft terrain.

Hitachi Pulverizer

Hitachi Pulverizer Equipment Attachment

Performs the three rolls of size reducer, separator, and loading machine