Fuso HD Tractor

HD Tractor

Power and efficiency are the name of the game for our two FUSO HD tractor units. There are two configurations depending on your application; the entry level 4X2, ideal for lighter loads, and the powerful 6x4 with greater hauling capacity. Whether it’s a metro, regional or intra-state job, the Fuso HD Tractor is designed to move freight as efficiently as possible. Delivering power, comfort and safety on intercity line haul work, drivers report still feeling fresh after a full day in the cab.

A Hi Top tractor option and full air suspension, combined with proven performance and reliability, help ease the ride and add peace of mind.

Key Features

  • 30,000km service intervals reduce maintenance costs.
  • 12-speed AMT non-synchromesh transmission.
  • Unique transom window in passenger side door.
  • Climate control standard across the range.

Safety and Comfort

  • ABS and ASR (Anti Slip Regulator).
  • Driver's side air bag.
  • Air suspended cab and ISRI driver’s seat.
  • Multimedia 6.1" touch screen with Bluetooth and Voice to text message.

Technology and Performance

  • SCR technology with no DPF or EGR allowing the vehicle to run cooler, improving service intervals and removing the need to perform a DPF burn off.
  • Fuel efficient 12 litre engine.
  • 12-speed AMT non-synchromesh transmission.
  • 7.1T front axle.

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