The Actros

The Actros

Long-distance transport from Mercedes-Benz. If you want to stay ahead, you need vehicles which deliver top performance not just on the road, but on your balance sheet, too. The Actros has what it takes to excel in both respects. Because it provides a high level of comfort. Because its many fuel-saving, innovative technical features and perfectly matched support services make it distinctly profitable to operate. Because it offers an effortless, safe and superior driving experience. And because the wide range of equipment and model versions means that it is possible to configure a truck which is a perfect match for practically any long-distance haulage task.


True greatness right down to the smallest detail – the Actros completely redefines terms such as freedom of movement, sense of spaciousness and atmosphere without losing sight of what matters in the course of the driver’s everyday work.

A modern workplace, an attractive living area and at the same time a place for restful sleep – the cabs of the Actros live up to these requirements in every respect. This is especially true of the GigaSpace, in which the exceptionally high comfort which makes the Actros such an outstanding player in the long-distance transport sector can be experienced in its most compelling form. For example, there is the impressive headroom1 of 2.13 m between the seats and the excellent balance between stowage capacity and freedom of movement.

Driving Dynamics

Precisely tuned powertrain configurations, immediate power delivery, high driving stability and precise steering characteristics – all of this noticeably eases the burden on drivers, giving them a unique driving experience. In short: hardly any other truck is able to offer such a superior and relaxing drive as the Actros.


In the past we already promised you low overall costs – and we kept our promise: with low fuel consumption costs, low repair and maintenance costs, attractive leasing and financing conditions and, not least, a high residual value, investing in a Mercedes-Benz truck certainly pays. Now we promise you even more comprehensive efficiency. The new approach is called RoadEfficiency. In concrete terms it encompasses two further promises: a high level of safety and high vehicle use.