Montabert Crushers

Montabert Crushers

Montabert Crushers

As the result of IR Montabert's continual investment into research and development, they have gained themselves a proud reputation for manufacturing strong, reliable hydraulic attachments for construction and demolition machinery and operations. The Montabert range of hydraulic crusher demolition attachments for carriers from 16 to 60 ton are a fine example of persistance paying off!

The durable and efficient crushers excel in crushing, cutting, and getting the job done! There are three different models of crushers available, each boasting superior design, reliability, productivity and efficiency to any other product in the market. To make light work of your demolition requirements, get your hands on a Montabert crusher today.

Model Line Up

Montabert Crushers


Carrier Weight

Operating Weight
(kg) *

Avg. Crushing Force
(Mid/Front of Jaw)

Montabert DA370

16.0 - 25.0**

2 140

100 - 75 ton

Montabert DA450

23.0 - 37.0**

3 190

130 - 85 ton

Montabert DA580

32.0 - 60.0**

4 900

220 - 170 ton

*With hydraulic rotation & jaws.
**For mounting on excavators at weight range limits (upper & lower) consult your CablePrice Product Specialist.

 Montabert Crusher